6 Quick and Easy Hairstyles Ideas using Hair Bows & Hair Ribbons

1. Half up half down hairstyle with ribbon/scarf in hair

quick and easy hairstyle half up half down
This one is super easy right? If you have no idea how to style your hair or you don’t want to spend a lot of time fiddling with a new hairstyle, this quick and easy hairstyle will not let you down.

A simple half up and half down hairstyle that will only take you a few seconds to complete.

To complete the look, just grab a small hair tie to secure the upper half section of your hair and then tie a piece of ribbon or scarf around it

2. Medium to Low topsy tail ponytail secured with ribbon or hair scarf tie

topsy tail hairstyles
If you have run out of ideas of how to style your hair and you’re in a rush to get out of the house, a topsy tail hairstyle is the perfect option for you!

For this hairstyle, you’re going to create a medium to low ponytail and then secure with a hair tie.

You’re then going to create a gab in the hair using your fingers just above the hair tie as shown below, and you’re going to g​rab the pony tail and flip it under!

topsy tail how to
Then gently adjust the look with your fingers to make it look more voluminous.

Wrap a ribbon or a scarf around the hair tie and you’re good to go!

3. Half up half down hairstyle & twist secured with ribbon hair tie

quick and easy hairstyles - half up half down hairstyle
Where would you wear this pretty hairstyle?

I think it’s perfect for a date night!

Don’t know how to plait your hair? This quick and easy hairstyle is for you.

Section your hair into two and secure the upper half of your hair with a hair tie.

Divide the upper half section of your hair into two and twist until you reach the end, and then secure with a small hair tie.

Grab a ribbon or scarf and position it at the top of the upper half section of your hair.

Hair Accessories: Satin ribbon bow with a hair tie

4. Half up half down topsy tail secured with ribbon bow tie

Another topsy tail hairstyle, however for this hairdo we’re only topsy tailing the upper half section of your hair.

Grab a section of hair from one side and another section of hair from the other side. Secure with a small hair tie.

Create a gap with your fingers, as pictured below, grab the ponytail and flip it to create a topsy tail upper half.

Finish the look with a ribbon or hair bow.

topsy tail how to
You can also use a topsy tail tool to help you achieve a similar look.

As a kid, I remember my mother using the topsy tail tool on my hair and so many women are still finding it useful!

5. Low ponytail hairstyle secured with ribbon or bow hair tie

low ponytail hairstyles
Sweet and simple! If you love wearing your hair in a ponytail, upgrade the look ever so slightly with a ribbon or a bow hair tie and BOOM, your hairdo looks a little more sophisticated than usual!

Are you a high ponytail girl or low ponytail girl?

6. Low plait hairstyle secured with ribbon hair tie

Don’t have a clue what to do with your hair?

I’m pretty sure everyone knows how to plait their hair? I’m of course referring to the simplest form of plaiting!

If you’ve got a busy day ahead, and you would like your hair away from your face, plaiting it, is the way to go.

Don’t forget to glam up your plait with a ribbon at the end.

Using Ribbon As Napkin Rings

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