What is your cancellation policy?

Custom printed ribbon orders that are cancelled after order placement will incur a 30% administration fee, plus costs for any additional art charges that have been made at the time of the cancellation. An order cannot be cancelled if it is has already been manufactured.

What is your return policy?

Custom printed products that have been manufactured cannot be returned.  Any quality concerns need to be claimed within 7 days of receipt of order.  No returns will be accepted without written or verbal approval from ribboncanada.ca.


Is the ribbon waterproof and will it fade?

Our  ribbon is not designed for contact with moisture or extended use in outdoor elements and may fade over time. In addition, some of the inks printed on our ribbons may fade or rub off if handled repeatedly.

Is there a minimum order?

We have a 100 yard minimum order requirement.  This is typically one roll.  We can produce as many rolls as you require!

How much ribbon is on a roll?

Each roll of ribbon contains 100 yards.  We sometimes ship 2 x 50 yard rolls for the wider ribbons.


What file formats do you require for printing?

For orders between 1-4 rolls, we require high resolution .jpg files.

For orders that are 5 or more rolls we require a vector file in Adobe Illustrator, version 10 or less formatted for the die plate.  If this is not available, you can send us what you have and our designers can format it appropriately for a nominal fee.

We also welcome special orders. Please contact us or click on the question mark at the top for inquiries, design assistance, or help with ordering.