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Ribbon Canada (RC) is Canada’s leading supplier of premium ribbon and gift packaging, offering stock and custom-printed options.

RC’s roots are embedded in the textile industry, with more than 35 years of importing experience from countries around the world. When our online business started several years ago, our goal was to create a uniquely Canadian online shopping experience, selling in Canada, shipping from Canada and serving Canadians to meet their specific needs with individual, personal attention.

Our success lies in placing our primary focus on ribbon, above all else. For most other companies that sell ribbon, it’s their second, third or fourth product in their offering. Because our number one product is ribbon, we have expert knowledge on the industry and are able to meet our client’s demands, however unique. 

Ribbon is a versatile, affordable product used in almost every business avenue, from florists to bridal industries and food suppliers to realtors and car dealerships.

One of RC’s fastest growing sectors is custom-printed ribbon for branding purposes. Companies come to us to imprint their name on ribbon for numerous applications, from wrapping gifts and mail-outs to using it in their products for name brand recognition and for decor. 

To ensure customer satisfaction, we source the finest quality of ribbon at the best value, keeping in mind quality of ribbon for every purpose. While the ribbon business has transitioned over the years into more packaging purposes, its uses are still firmly rooted in the fashion trade.

Long-term plans for RC include continuing to offer ribbon as our primary product but to also look at offering items to complement and enhance the packaging experience. 

“When you receive a package that’s beautifully wrapped, it makes you feel special that someone has taken the time and effort to create this beautiful experience for you. It’s the care and attention to the details that truly make for a notable experience,” said Owner Alex Massey. “So we’ll continue investing in unique boxes and bags that are cost-effective for our clients, yet durable for the food industry, the gift packaging industry, or whatever the case may be.”  

Our growing list of loyal clients chooses us for our expertise, quality product and exceptional customer service. Our passion for working with clients and helping them turn their ideas and visions into reality is the key to our success and longevity. 

Every touch point our clients have is an opportunity for them to present and build their brand. Ribbon and beautiful packaging is an easy and affordable way to help clients always present their best. Our mission is working with clients to help them enhance their brand with the timeless elegance of ribbon.


Bakeries, wedding decor, jewelry shops, gift and craft shops, confectioners and sweet shops, wineries, party shops and organizers, First Nation jewelry and costume design, apparel, spas, and corporate branding.

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