Whether it’s to advertise your company, provide awareness to a cause, or used in decor for celebrations or everyday affairs, the ribbon is the quintessential product. Its applications are endless. Our premium ribbons come in various styles, colours, widths, materials and prints. Choose from our wide variety of ribbon collections.

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    Double Face Satin From: $11.99

    Our luxurious Double-Face Satin is made from 100% polyester, with shiny, silky and lustrous satin on both sides of the ribbon. While it is our most popular choice for weddings and elegant affairs, this classic ribbon is also ideal for gift wrapping, decorating, product displays, party favours, apparel, florists, and gourmet foods. Our ribbon is colorfast, washable, and dry cleanable, with less than 3% shrinkage.

  • Grosgrain From: $15.99

    Grosgrain Ribbon has become the go-to ribbon for its unique woven ridges that add texture and firmness to enhance your application. It makes the perfect decorative packaging solution for any type of occasion, whether it be for a bridal or wedding event, branded ribbon for your corporate parties, or a pre-tied bow developed to fit your retail packaging needs, this ribbon makes an impact. Made from 100% polyester.

  • Organza Satin Edged From: $5.99

    Our Organza Satin Edged Ribbon combines the timeless elegance of satin with the sheer luxuriousness of organza. Delicate and lightweight, this ribbon can be used in countless ways from embellishing your bridal wear and wedding bouquet to decorating your wedding hall. It is also ideal for wrapping gifts, baked goods and confectionaries, and adding a touch of beauty to flower arrangements. Our versatile and stylish organza ribbon comes in a variety of sizes and colours.

  • Sheer Organza From: $3.99

    Organza is an elegant and delicate semi-transparent fabric that adds luxurious refinement to wedding décor, floral designs and home décor. Our organza and satin ribbons are the most sought after ribbons for elegant and chic events. Surprisingly durable, this sheer fabric made of high quality nylon has a natural sheen to it and comes in different sizes and colours making it the perfect ribbon for every occasion.

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    Single Face Satin From: $15.99

    Our Single-Face Satin is made from 100% polyester, with shiny and lustrous satin on one side, and a matte taffeta finish on the other side. A lighter weight ribbon than Double Faced Satin, it adds elegance and style on packaging for all occasions from every day to your big day, invitations, party favours, crafts, decorations – it is the perfect finishing touch. Colour fast, washable and dry cleanable with less than 2% shrinkage.

  • Wired Contessa From: $14.99

    Our Single-Face Satin is made from 100% polyester, with shiny and lustrous satin on one side, and taffeta material on the other side. This is a fantastic ribbon.

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    Wired Encore From: $13.99

    Wired ribbons are the flagship of the packaging and floral industries with their rigid edging that turns any bow into a bright, bold centerpiece. Ideal for gift wrapping, wreath ribbons, bow toppers, Christmas tree ribbons and topper bows, and so much more. This beautiful ribbon, available in multiple colours and styles, has a light invisible wired edge that provides shape and conformity to your application.

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